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What is the best HDMI Cable for a PS3/PS4?

PlayStation 3 controller

HDMI cables transmit digital audio and video signals in an uncompressed format from one electronic device to another. Those who have invested in a PS3 or PS4 and want to enjoy the superior color, sound, 3D, and other features of the devices will need to connect the devices using HDMI cables. However, there are a plethora of HDMI cable brands – some that cost only $12 while others that cost as much as $200.

Digital Signals

As HDMI cables transmit digital signals, there is no difference in transmission quality between the brand name cables and the mass market cables. As such one can safely use any inexpensive HDMI cable to connect the PS3 / PS4 to the HDTV. However, there are other factors of HDMI cables that can affect transmission quality.

Length of Cable

HDMI cables offer distortion free transmission of digital audio and video signals for shorter distances. As such the best transmission occurs when the cables are below six feet in length. Some cables are designed to be used for transmission up to 15 feet.


Apart from the HDMI cables, the quality of the connectors can affect the quality of transmission. As long as the connectors are not damaged and are properly made, the transmission quality will be astounding. For this you should consider gold plated connectors that are corrosion resistant and will ensure better quality transmission for longer. While gold plated connectors do not improve transmission quality directly, they are an advantage since they will ensure that the connectors last longer. A locking mechanism in the connector will also help prolong the life of the connector and the cable.

3D Transmission

While the brand of the HDMI cable does not affect the quality of transmission of signals to the PS3 and PS4 devices, if you have a device with 3D capability, you need to ensure that the HDMI cable can support this function. This means that you need a cable that supports HDMI 1.3b and 3D.

HDMI with Ethernet Support

HDMI Cable with Ethernet 28AWG - 15 Feet

Another option for PS3 and PS4 users is a HDMI cable with Ethernet support and 3D. This is the basic HDMI 15 + 1 cable for HDMI 1.4V that with provide your devices with Ethernet connectivity and 3D support.

With improvements in entertainment hardware such as HDTV with 3D and PS3 and PS4 with 3D functionality, improved color, and better audio, it becomes important to ensure that the cables used can also support these features. When connecting PS3 and PS4 devices, you should use HDMI cables 1.4 V with 15 + 1 since this will make use of all the capabilities of the devices such as Ethernet connectivity and 3D compatibility.

These cables are also backward compatible with earlier HDMI standard devices, ensuring that you can connect older devices also using them. The latest HDMI standards for cables support stereoscopic video or 3D and purchasing these cables will ensure better transmission of all the signals now available on entertainment devices.

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