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We Control the Tech

It’s no secret that companies have always attempted to make products that we will buy. For decades, they have used test groups and sample audiences to get at least some idea as to what will and will not work out in the bigger world with the rest of the population. But the advent of so many new technologies has since changed all of that. While the companies are still ultimately in charge of what they do and do not produce, people have more power than ever to help dictate what direction it takes.

loud computing concept

Social Networking

Social networking has been a huge part of directing where technology goes. When a product is made available to the public, we test it, try it, and play with it until we discover all its flaws and all of its great aspects. But we don’t stop there. We let it be known what we love, what we hate, and just how much we want the company to fix something. This can be seen in Apple’s iPad series as well as in e-readers like the Nook. For years, people have wanted to read in bed with a simple e-reader that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles – the Nook Glow Light now offers exactly that. Laptops are slimmer yet more durable than ever. Not only are we offered physical products, but also excellent visuals and entertainment offered through our devices.

Warner Brothers E-book Series

world map and internet contacts network on table

Warner Brothers has just crafted an e-book series called “Inside the Script” for serious movie buffs. Now you can kick back and watch a re-release of an older movie in high definition (HD) and then scroll along and read the script as you go. At the same time, there is yet another change that we have demanded and received – old movies released yet again, and this time with even more clarity and color than before. Films as old as the 1930s are cleaned up and given new life on a shiny disc, ready to be played on an HD TV.

Pop Culture?

Some might wonder – is this really what we want, or is this just simply what pop culture is today? One could easily argue both. Technology has become a huge part of pop culture, there’s no denying that. We use our tech to Tweet and kick back to view movies not only in high-def, but once again in 3D. When a computer or television breaks, we aren’t likely to go out and buy the same exact thing. We will want something a little bit better. Something that is at least a little faster or a little clearer. It’s simply human nature to want things that make life easier and more fun. We evolve, our technology evolves, and so it continues. You can rewind to old science fiction novels and see some of that tech functioning today.

Today when we want something, we make the world know it. Spotify realized that people wanted an app to receive their music – and so it was done. No matter if you have a PC, Mac, Android, or iOS. Creators know these days that to limit themselves to a single audience can be detrimental to their business.

So continue to tell the companies what you want. Today we live in a world where they can’t afford not to listen – even if they wanted to.


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