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Vital Information Pertaining to HDMI Cables 30AWG

HDMI cables 30AWG are high definition multimedia interface cables of a thickness measured as American Wire Gauge. When it comes to AWG measurements, the larger number denotes a thinner cable. As such a 30AWG cable will be thinner than a 28AWG cable.

Picture of Cmple Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable 3D 4K - 25 Feet, Black

HDMI cables 30AWG can be used to connect any HDMI compatible devices such as HDTV, Blu-ray player, set top box, surround sound system, and so on. These cables will ensure the distortion free transmission of digital signals compatible with HDMI norms among the various devices that are connected using them.

All the latest HSMI Cables 30AWG are backward compatible with earlier versions of HDMI devices. However, when you buy the latest version of HDMI cables 30AWG you can use it with future HDMI devices as well.

3D and Audio Return Features

These HDMI 30AWG cables are capable of delivering undistorted audio and video over long distances offer 3D support. This means you can watch 3D video at home on your HDTV with a single cable connection. It has an audio return feature that ensures that a HDTV with a built in tuner can send audio signals in two different directions – to the A/V receiver and surround sound system, doing away with the need for a separate audio cable.

With improvements in technology one can now install HDTVs with 3D compatibility at homes. With more 3D content being produced and made available, it becomes essential for home theater owners to ensure that the cables they use to connect all their entertainment devices can transmit and deliver 3D video.

The audio return feature and the 3D compatible cable will ensure that you have fewer cables to connect and link up among the various devices as the HDMI cable 30 AWG is capable of transmitting and delivering a variety of digital signals in multiple directions.

Future Compatibility

The HDMI Cables AWG30 will be compatible with future HDTVs with better resolutions. The cables have 4K x 2 K support, that is, video resolutions of 3840x2160 and 4096x2160 will be supported when HDTVs with these resolutions become available. The increased video resolutions supported by these cables will future proof your cable requirement. Invest in the latest HDMI cables and you will be able to reuse them when connecting future models of HDTVs with greater resolution than is available today.

The better resolution support and the full range of color support these cables provide together ensure better video quality that is true to the original video quality.

Full Range of Color Support

The HDMI Cables 30AWG support additional color spaces such as Adobe RGB Color, sYCC601 color, and Adobe YCC601 color in addition to the existing RGB color and x.v.Color. This means that you will be able to enjoy pictures and visuals with a greater range of colors, all of the colors that can be perceived by the human eye will now be accessible on HDTVs connected with these cables.

PVC Outer Layer Shield

All the HDMI cables 30AWG come with a durable black OVC shield as outer layer. This shield protects the wires and signals from interference and distortion, delivering true, high-quality digital signals. The outer layer shield is a vital part of the HDMI cable as it protects the digital signals from distortion and interference from ambient noise, ensuring that you have enhanced viewing pleasure.

Gold Plated Connectors

Picture of Cmple Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable 3D 4K - 25 Feet, Black

All of these cables come with gold plated connectors that are corrosion free and provide the advantage of distortion-free or low distortion signal transfer at the point of contact. This feature ensures that audio and video quality matches that of the original. The connectors are the last link in the transmission of signals and any distortion of signal at this point will reduce the quality of the final video and audio output. With gold plated connectors that ensure minimal distortion at the transfer point, you can enjoy better video and audio signals on your HDTV.

Ferrite Core

Some of the HDMI cables 30AWG come with ferrite cores that convert these cables into professional grade accessories that cut electromagnetic noise and provide output clarity that is unmatched.

Braided Cables

The HDMI cables 30AWG without ferrite cores are braided cables that also offer distortion free transmission of audio and video signals between HDMI devices. These cables offer all the other features of the HDMI cables with ferrite cores. They have the same technical features as those with ferrite cores and can transmit 3D digital signals and provide better video resolution than earlier versions of HDMI cables. These cables are also backward compatible with older versions of HDMI devices and are also future ready.

Technical Features of HDMI Cables 30AWG

The technical features of the HDMI cables are outstanding. They are category 2 certified and can sustain high speed of 10.2 gbps/340 MHz. these cables provide for 48-bit deep color and increased refresh rates. These cables are HDPS and ROHS complaint.

Available Lengths

THE HDMI cables AWG30 are available in various lengths from 1.5 feet to 15 feet and come with ferrite cores or braided variations.

Importance of Choosing the Right Cable Length

The HDMI cables 30AWG can be used to connect a home theater system by connecting the HDTV to the Blu-ray player, surround sound system, Dolby system, and more. However, the chances of audio and video signal distortion are greater when the length of the cable is greater as well. Apart from this, longer cables are also more expensive. In order to avoid these disadvantages, you need to measure the cable length requirement by planning the positions of the various devices and then purchasing the cables of the right lengths.

Another way of avoiding the distortion of audio and video signals being transmitted through these cables is by selecting a thicker or an HDMI cable with an AWG less than 30.

While purchasing the right HDTV is important to enjoy clear, high resolution video and audio output, the cables that transmit the digital signals are equally important. By ensuring that you use cables with the latest HDMI standards you will be able to enjoy superlative and fantastic video.

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