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Trendy TV Mounting Options

When you plan to purchase a new flat screen TV for your home you are looking for unlimited viewing pleasure. However, the large screen needs to be fitted into the existing décor or room conditions in most cases. This is made possible by using a variety of TV mounting options such as swivel arms, articulated arms, drop down panels, and so on.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

TV in bedroom

If you want a large flat screen TV in your bedroom or living room, but want it hidden when not in use, you can use various options for this. Consider placing the TV in a cabinet and using a swivel arm controlled by a remote to position it at just the right angle when you want to watch a favorite program or a movie such as Transformers II. At other times, your TV will be hidden inside a cabinet that matches the décor of the room. An articulated arm can help you install a very large TV screen that can be rotated and then tucked away in a cabinet, out of sight.

Drop Down from the Ceiling

This will help you to maintain the clean lines of a room, ensuring that your room can be used for other purposes as well. For instance, a living room can have ceiling mounted TV screens that can be folded away when not in use. These can be dropped down when you want to play video games or watch a movie with family or friends. This type of use can make the best use of your living room – family room, game room, and home theater rolled into one.

tv in bathroom

Another option for keeping TVs out of sight when not in use is to tuck them away in the ceiling and use drop down panels to bring them into viewing angle. This is an ideal solution in bedrooms if you like to lie back in bed and watch a program. This way, the TV will not occupy valuable floor space or block a window that lets in the morning sun. You can enjoy the convenience of being able to catch your late night programs in privacy without having to redo the layout of the bedroom.

Underneath the Bed

If your ceiling cannot support a TV, consider a system that will tuck it away under the bed when not in use. A remote controlled tracking system can bring it up in front of the bed when you plan to watch a show.

If you have a fabulous painting in your living room that you do not want to move, you can have a sliding TV mount that essentially brings up the TV from behind it when you want to watch a program. At other times, the TV will be hidden by the painting and ensure that your living room projects the ambience you want it to.

Another outstanding location for a flat screen TV is over the fireplace. In order to ensure that the entire décor fits in you can have the molding on the fireplace extended around the TV as well for a more seamless look.

Inside the Fireplace!

Yet another location for a TV is an unused fireplace. Just install your TV inside the fireplace and place a screen backed with mirrors around it. This keeps your TV hidden unless you want to use it, making for a better décor. Typically, when you are mounting a flat screen TV in unusual locations, you will needs a swivel arm, articulated arm, or additional brackets such as for a curved wall to ensure that the weight of the TV will be held up properly. With TVs becoming flatter but with a larger screen, homeowners need to use innovative and trendy TV mounting options to ensure that the décor of the home is not adversely affected.

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