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Subwoofer Cables

What are subwoofer cables?

Subwoofer cables are a type of audio cable that can greatly increase sound quality. They are used for the purpose of connecting any media device that supports coaxial (S/PDIF) audio interface. Subwoofer cables contain RCA connectors on both ends. Subwoofer cables produce a deep, intense sound and the quality is far superior to that of typical RCA sound. Subwoofers transmit bass in addition to regular sound signals, so that when you listen to it in your home theater, TV shows and moves can really come alive. They contain solid copper core bass conductors wrapped in a second wire network that helps maximize the low-frequency signal transport so that the sound comes out clearer and more dramatic. Subwoofer cables help make sound feel real.

How do subwoofer cables work?

RCA Composite Video, Subwoofer SPDIF Cable – Coax 100 Feet

The subwoofer cables sold at are of the 1-RCA type. This means that they have two male RCA connectors on the opposite sides of the cable and they can be connected wherever the standard RCA cable can be connected. This makes it easy to use and easy to find devices that it can be used with. What a subwoofer cable really is, however, is line level analog audio interconnect that transmits extremely low frequency analog audio in order to interconnect at the same “line level” of your stereo. (The line level is the specified strength of an audio signal used to transmit analog sound between audio components.)

What is the difference between a subwoofer cable and a regular audio cable?

The difference between a subwoofer cable and a regular audio cable, such as an RCA cable, is very subtle. When talking about an RCA subwoofer cable, this really just is a basic RCA cable that manufacturers rename when adding certain special features to the cable. Usually subwoofer RCA cables will contain tighter woven fibers in the mesh of the shielding on the cable, or can even contain a second or third layer of mesh. A subwoofer cable is basically a higher-quality, better shielded version of an RCA cable. Also, the subwoofer cable has the ability to transmit bass, an added plus when talking about sound quality.

What devices use subwoofer cables?

There are a variety of devices that can enable the use of a subwoofer cable. Basically any device that uses the coaxial (S/PDIF) audio interface can use a subwoofer cable. These cables are usually used in your basic home theater system, and some examples of devices where these cables can become handy are DVD players, satellite boxes, and cable boxes. Using a subwoofer cable, you can easily connect such devices to other ones such as basic audio receivers, computer audio receivers and any other equipment that supports the interface. Other devices that can use subwoofer cables are: DVD Audio Players, SA-CD players, D-VHS players, game consoles (Xbox, Playstation), A/V receivers, digital video recorders, satellite receivers, digital cable boxes, computer sound cards, general home theater systems, personal computers (PCs), and Mac computers (if using the correct connectors).

What problems can come up when using subwoofer cables?

The problems associated with using subwoofer cables are no different than the problems that come up when using regular RCA audio cables. The only problems that can arise involve the installation and removal of the cables. Though installing them is fairly simple, as the main task is merely figuring out where to install them, it can become tricky if you do it wrong, especially when you remove the cable. Firstly, make sure you don’t jam the cable in too hard, because that can damage both the cable, and the device that you are inserting the able into. Remember that RCA connectors are very delicate, even if they’re gold-plated for durability. When removing the cable, make sure not to tug or jerk it. Don’t pull on the cable from a long distance because that can easily break the cable and erode the input area of the device. Just firmly tug on the yellow part of the cable and it should easily come out without any issues. Another set of problems that can come with subwoofer cables is overall quality of the cable. If you are purchasing them from, then this will most certainly not be a problem.

Subwoofer SPDIF Cable


Another problem that can come with using RCA connectors in general is what is called AC Hum. Most household electricity systems work at 60 Hz, and as a result, this can create an unwanted hum in two different ways: one in induction into the speaker cable from other equipment or wiring; two from a ground loop where the 60 Hz hum travels on the shield of a coaxial cable. This problem is reduced when using cables purchased at because of the extra shielding on the subwoofer cables (as opposed to standard RCA which doesn’t have this extra shielding). This extra shielding can reduce the hum caused by induction but not by a ground loop. To stop the AC hum caused by a ground loop you have to use an isolation transformer for the AC input to the entire sound system, and this will break the loop. However, chances are, with these cables the hum will be so low that it is unnoticeable, or perhaps just isn’t there at all because of the cable shielding.

Benefits of Using Subwoofer Cables from only uses the highest quality manufacturers for the sale of their products. As a result, our products have many special features and benefits. Firstly, we only use gold contacts on the RCA connectors. Gold connectors produce a higher quality sound, are far more durable, and are shielded from corrosion. This shielding is mainly used to prevent unwanted noise and sound distortion. The yellow boot on the end of the connector makes it easily recognizable and calls for easy installation because you can tell exactly what cable you’re using. The conductor in the center is a 22 AWG solid copper conductor. This is the very highest quality because there is an inverse correlation between AWG and cable thickness, and therefore 22 is a rather low number. In addition to that, copper is the most conductive metal. Also, subwoofer cables have a 100% aluminum foil shield and a 32 x .02 copper/aluminum braid. We also offer a variety of cable lengths to choose from.

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