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How To Solve Mounting Issues With Newer Samsung LED TVs

When wall-mounted high-definition TVs and monitors became commonplace about twenty years ago, manufacturers saw the potential for a big problem. Unless all flat-panel monitors and televisions had the same mounting holes for screws, customers would have major issues hanging their TVs on the wall.

The industry took unified action, and it made all the sense in the world. They created the VESA Mounting Interface Standard (first known as the Flat Display Mounting Interface, now usually referred to as the VESA standard).
Vesa Samsung TV Wal Mount by cmple-heavy-duty-full-motion-tv-wall-mount-for-32-55-inch-flat-panel-and-curved-tvs-adjustable-tv-mo
There are pages and pages of specifications dealing with the size of TVs and acceptable mounting hole configurations because proper mounting depends largely on the size and weight of a monitor. But it really all comes down to three important facts.

  • The VESA rules define the distance, in millimeters, between the mounting holes on a compliant TV.
  • All major manufacturers use the same rules to place four screw-mounting holes on their HDTVs and monitors.
  • All VESA-compliant mounts have a variety of hole patterns that can accommodate the acceptable TV mounting configurations – and the mounts come with matching the hardware that meet the universally-acceptable standards.
So the VESA standards work to the benefit of TV manufacturers, mount manufacturers and consumers alike. It’s a perfect solution.

Until it isn’t.

If a manufacturer wanders off the reservation and uses non-standard VESA mounting holes, or requires the use of mounting screws that don’t come with standard VESA mounting kits – that’s a problem.

We’re looking at you, Samsung.

The Problem with Some Samsung HDTVs

A few years ago, Samsung – for reasons they’ve never officially explained – changed the type of bolts needed to screw into the holes on some of their newer HDTVs like Samsung 8 Series models.

The issue started in December 2016, when the company started making many of those newer models with curved backs. At that point, the standard M4, M6 or M8 screws that come with VESA-compliant mounting kits would no longer work when mounting the TV to the wall. And Samsung doesn’t supply the “right” bolts when you buy one of their TVs.

The problem isn’t the M4, M6 or M8 diameters, though; Samsung’s HDTVs, even the new ones, all use bolts with M4, M6 or M8 diameters, depending on the size of the TV.

The problem is the screws’ length.

The M4, M6 and M8 screws included in mounting kits come in lengths from 10mm up to 40mm, sometimes even 43mm. Many kits include a wide variety of lengths, to be sure they fit the depth of the TV that’s being hung and can be securely screwed into the mounting plate.

However, that’s not long enough for the newer Samsung models, because their curved backs place the TV’s mounting holes even further than normal from the wall. Some people think the spacers that come with the HDTVs will compensate for the extra distance, but they don’t.

Samsung’s manual claims that you need 45mm screws to mount their TVs, but many who’ve bought one of these models and tried to mount it have found that 45mm isn’t even long enough. You may need either 50mm screws, or a combination of 45mm and 50mm screws, in order to firmly hang your TV on the mount – and needless to say, no standard VESA mounting kits include either 45mm or 50mm screws.

What now?

Dealing with the Samsung TV Mount Issue

There are four ways to solve this Samsung problem, which never should have a problem in the first place.

  1. Throw your hands up in disgust, and decide to set the TV on top of a cabinet instead of mounting it on the wall.
  2. Buy a bunch of screws at a hardware store or order a bunch from one of the vendors on Amazon, hope that you’ve guessed right and that one set of the screws works with your TV.
  3. Pay an installer a ton of money to come out to your house and solve the problem for you.
  4. Buy your TV mount from Cmple.
Vesa samsung TV wall mount by cmple-full-motion-tv-wall-mount-for-23-42-inches-led-tv-lcd-monitors-flat-screen-full-motion-tilting_NID0014115
Which is the best choice?

  1. Giving up on a wall-mounted TV is probably not the right solution, but we mentioned it for the sake of being complete.
  2. Buying a random assortment of screws will eventually solve the issue, but it means throwing both money and time at the issue.
  3. Hiring a TV installer saves the extra time, but adds considerably to the cost.
That leaves the best solution: buying your TV mount from Cmple, which is the easiest way to get that Samsung TV onto the wall so you can enjoy it.

Cmple has dealt with this problem since Samsung changed its TVs to require “mongrel” mounting screw sizes. They know exactly what bolts are required to hang every model of Samsung HDTV, and they’re happy to include them with your TV mount purchase.

If you buy a Cmple mounting bracket in-store, the correct bolts will be included free of charge. If you place your bracket order over the phone or online, just mention this blog post and the proper Samsung bolts for your TV will be shipped to you along with your mounting kit.

And of course, all of Cmple’s mounting brackets – just like all of the company’s products – are manufactured with the highest quality, and are available at just about the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere.

Hope we’ve helped. Enjoy your new Samsung TV!
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