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How to Choose the Right Projector Mount

The home theater system is the latest standard of entertainment and those who are keen to enjoy a realistic and immersive viewing experience are not averse to spending a small fortune to acquire for themselves the latest in the line of a DLP projection television with a humongous screen or build special acoustic ceiling to accommodate their state-of-the-art surround sound systems.

projector under ceiling

So naturally they would be curious to know about the best projector mount to buy for their devices so that they can optimize their viewing experience. The dedicated technophile knows the significance of this seemingly unimportant piece of device and realizes that it serves a superior function than just securing the projector.

Projector Mount Buying Guide

The market is teeming with projector mounts in various shapes and sizes and from various brands. But to make the right purchase, you will need to consider a host of factors. These are described below.

The Placement of the Projector

Even before you start browsing through the brochures at various online stores, you will have to decide the type of projector mount you want to buy and for this, you will have to figure out where you will place the projector. The projector may be mounted on the ceiling or the walls to give your interiors an uncluttered look and also to keep the device out of the viewer's line of sight. However, there is a slight hitch here. Most projectors are inverted when they are mounted on the ceiling. So, if your particular make cannot be inverted, you will have to look for specialized projector ceiling mounts like those that double up as a platform atop which the projector can be securely installed or those that can clamp the projector.

video projector

You may also choose to place the projector on a tabletop so that you can carry it to other rooms in your house where there is a monitor. If you choose to select a tabletop installation, then you are spared the effort for looking around for the right mount.

The Type of the Projector Ceiling Mount—Dedicated or Universal

This is also a major consideration while buying projector ceiling mounts. There are two principal types of ceiling mounts for projectors—dedicated and universal. Dedicated ceiling mounts have a specific pattern of screw holes that align perfectly with the array of screw holes on the projector of a specific make. On the other hand, universal projector mounts have moveable screw holes drilled on them. You can move these around to align them with the pattern of holes on your projector. You will have to however, ensure that you align the arm extensions with the screw holes so that the projector is perfectly positioned and balanced and the mount is able to support the weight of the device.

universal projector wall mount has a slight edge over the dedicated-type ceiling mount. The former can accommodate projectors of different sizes. So if you buy another one in the near future, you will be spared the hassle and expenses of buying another mount.

The Construction of the Projector Mount

It goes without saying that the projector mount should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the projector. Projectors vary in weights and you should carefully consider the construction of the mount and its joints and hinges before purchasing one. However, you have to also consider the material with which the mount is made and its shape.

Projectors generate a lot of heat when they are in operation and this causes the various components of the device to expand and shrink. Now, you will have to buy a projector mount that can allow this heat to escape and help keep the projector from becoming excessively hot and breaking down completely.

Projectors in office

Steel is a poor conductor of heat and steel projector mounts cause the heat to remain near the projector. This makes the projection unit heat up very quickly. So you should always choose an aluminum ceiling mount that can dissipate the heat generated by the projector. While buying an aluminum projector ceiling mount, make sure that you choose one that has a coat of anodizing paint or powder that will prevent corrosion.

The particular shape of a projector mount also determines how fast can the heat escape or if it can, at all. The rule of the thumb is that the greater the surface area of the mount, the more will be the amount of heat trapped in the vicinity of the projector. So steer clear of mounts that are basically constructed as one large and flat plate. This is a classic example of a poorly designed projector mount.

The Availability of Accessories

Depending on how you want to place the projector, you will need to buy accessories as well. For instance, instead of mounting flush, you might want to have the projector hanging from the ceiling to align it with the top of your display device. In such cases, you will need ceiling plates and extension pipes to hoist the mount in the desired position. Look for manufacturers who provide these along with the mounting unit.

The Return Policy of the Manufacturer

This is certainly not a critical buying criterion. But if you have to choose between comparable models, then a projector mount manufacturer who has a convenient return policy will certainly obtain the edge over his rival. It may so happen that even after countless rounds of measurement and endless deliberations, you end buying a mount that is just not suitable for your particular model of projector. So, it certainly helps if you can return the unit in exchange for a suitable one. This spares you the trouble of scouting for another mount.

The above-mentioned considerations make it clear that being able to zero in on the perfect projector mount is largely a matter of knowing your exact wants. If you choose a reputable manufacturing brand or buy from trusted online stores, you can be sure that you will own a unit that will not only ably support the projector but will also last as long as you need it to.

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