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Flying RC Multi-Rotor Choppers: The Coolest Hobby of 2014 and the Phantom 2 Craze


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Some people collect stamps. Some others love tinkering with their radio sets, probably trying to pick up signals from distant planets (read: aliens). Some others take up their shovels and rakes for a bit of gardening. Many people have hobbies, which are favorite activities that are usually commercially non-productive but immensely rewarding mentally.

They engage in these activities whenever they can take time off from their professional and personal duties and obligations. Some hobbies, like collecting stamps, coins, or match boxes, are common. There are some more exclusive hobbies like collecting rare and limited edition watches that cost a fortune. Then there are some others that are considered "cool," such as flying RC multi-rotor choppers.

The Phantom 2 is the right now the craze amongst the RC chopper flying enthusiasts. They, of course, have plenty of reasons to go gaga over this latest edition of the Phantom chopper.

The Phantom 2 RC Chopper and its Awesome Technical Specification: Aerial Photography Support

The Phantom 2 RC multi-rotor chopper has a plethora of out-of-the-box features that will thrill any RC helicopter flying enthusiast. Although it packs in all the stellar features of its predecessor, the Phantom 2 excels in one significant front—the presence of (optional) aerial photography support and easy upgrade to the FPV.


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Phantom 2 features customized H3-2D Gimbal support. The connection can be readily assembled and de-assembled. The onboard 14-megapixel camera can capture quality still shots with real-life likeness and record high-resolution videos at 1080/30 pixels. A RC helicopter flying enthusiast with a penchant for aerial photography will obviously want to capture as much of the landscape around him as possible, and of course, with the all the details. The camera on board the Phantom 2 has 140o wide-angle f/2/8 FOV and aperture that makes it possible for your chopper to capture the sights in all fidelity.

The Phantom 2 can fly for about 25 minutes and give you ample footage to even create your mini film. If you had been waiting for the right device to unleash your creativity, it is time you started to explore the mindboggling array of possibilities that the Phantom 2 has to offer.

The Phantom 2 RC Chopper and Its Stellar Suite of Features

Apart from the signature features like exceptional aerial photography and easy FPV upgrade, the Phantom 2 also offers the following range of technical specifications to excite any RC chopper flying enthusiast:

  • Precise and Stable Flight: The Phantom 2 distinguishes itself from others of its ilk with an integrated GPS auto-pilot system that facilitates altitude lock and position holding. Once you have charted the course, the Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) keeps the chopper always flying in the forward direction till you direct otherwise. These features enable you to keep the chopper stable in air and continue to fly precisely in the direction you want it to. With the auto-pilot system doing all to keep the chopper on course, you can concentrate on capturing some spectacular footage that you can share with the world at large.
  • Automatic Return-to-Home Feature for Greater Safety of the Chopper: As a RC chopper flying enthusiasts, your Phantom 2 is a prized possession. You will not want to lose it should there be a loss of signal between the Phantom 2 and the controller. To thwart such catastrophes, the chopper has been fitted with the Naza-M FailSafe protection program that restores all the controls on the controller to a central position in an effort to strengthen the signal. This enables the Phantom 2 to return to the base and land automatically. You can also program and use the one-touch Go Home functionality of the Assistant software.
  • Sophisticated Power Management: The Phantom 2 has impressive power management features. A power management program monitors the power consumption, capacity, and voltage of the choppers and warns you of low battery power. The LED beeps a warning and in cases of low battery power, the helicopter lands automatically.

The above-mentioned range of features of the Phantom 2 RC multi-rotor helicopter makes it clear why hobbyists make a beeline to acquire this chopper for themselves.

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