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Ethernet (Patched) Cat6 Cables

As times change, so do the requirements of the masses, especially big businesses. At one stage, cat6 cables were the fastest and most robust Ethernet cables you could find. Then, they were superseded by cat6e cables. These cables reduced the amount of cross talk even further and gave better transmission speeds and bandwidth. Now, we have cat6 Ethernet cables.

Picture of Cat6 500MHz UTP Ethernet LAN Network Cable - 1.5 Feet Yellow

Cat6 Cables

Cat6 cables have been designed to be better than previous cat6e cables. Just like previous category cables, the primary aim of cat6 cables is to connect networks or network computers together.

However, unlike previous category cables, cat6 cables are the fastest Ethernet cables available today. They are heavily used in video and network connections, as well as in security systems and telephony.

You can purchase cat6 cables in a variety of colors as either just the cables or as patched cables. They usually terminate with RJ-45 connectors. These connectors are similar to the ones connected to your phone.

However, there is one fundamental difference between cat6 and cat5 cables. It is because of this small difference that cat6 cables are so fast. There is a small separator that separates each of the 4 pairs of 8 twisted cables.

This allows cat6 cables to transmit a lot more data at a faster rate. In fact, patched cat6 Ethernet cables have twice the bandwidth of cat5 variants. It is this transfer speed and bandwidth that hasThis transfer speed and bandwidth have allowed it to be the choice for advanced networks.

Picture of Cat6 500MHz UTP Ethernet LAN Network Cable - 1.5 Feet Yellow

Patched Cat6 Ethernet Cables

A patched cat6 Ethernet cable is a special transmission cable that is used in most devices. Just like patched cat5 Ethernet cables, they are used to connect two network devices together over a short distance. However, there are many differences between using a normal cat6 Ethernet cable and a patched variant. These differences define the usage of patched cat6 Ethernet cables.

Why use Patched cat6 Ethernet Cables?

With patched cat5 Ethernet cables being so affordable and popular, most people ask themselves why they are even buying patched cat6 Ethernet cables. Here are a few reasons why most people prefer buying patched cat6 Ethernet cables.

Speed of Transmission Patched cat6 Ethernet cables are extremely fast at transmitting data and signals. Patched cat6 Ethernet cables are able to offer very high transfer speeds of 250 Megahertz (MHz). Furthermore, considering the short distances of patch Ethernet cables, these transfer speeds seem to be faster than stated.

The fact is that we recognize speed in terms of MB/s or GB/s and not MHz. In terms of data transfer speeds, patched cat6 Ethernet cables can transfer data anywhere between 10 and 100 MB/sec. This makes patched cat5 Ethernet cables ideal for the fastest Ethernet networks, including Gigabit, Fast Ethernet and 10-Gigabit network connections.

It is the reduced delay that makes patched cat6 Ethernet cables the only choice of big businesses. If time is money, patched cat6 Ethernet cables will save you plenty of both. A recent survey was conducted on network speeds. It was found that network requirements, even speed requirements, literally double after a year and a half.


Compared to patched cat5 Ethernet cables, cat6 Ethernet cables are costlier. However, you have to look at a few differences between them first. With literally double the bandwidth and transfer speed, it is a wise move to spend a little more money. In addition, you don’t have to buy regular cat6 Ethernet cables. If you need to connect two devices over a short distance, purchase patched cat6 Ethernet cables.

Mind you, this cost is not because of a compromise on quality. If you take both cable types in your hand, you will notice that patched cat6 Ethernet cables are more flexible and thinner. Considering the short distance they have to transmit signals or data, they do not have to compensate for attenuation and be made thicker. By reducing the thickness of the cables, they can be made effectively cheaper than normal cat6 cables. Therefore, not only are patched cat6 Ethernet cables cheaper than regular cat6 cables, they perform just as well.

Future Technology In comparison to cat5 and cat5e cables, patched cat6 Ethernet cables are recent technological advancements. They have been designed with the revised networking requirements of today. One of the biggest advantages of patched cat6 Ethernet cables is that they will be around for a very long time whereas patched cat5 Ethernet cables will soon become obsolete.

Furthermore, you never have to worry about your system being compatible with the old one. You will not have to buy thousands of dollars worth of new panels or panel bays. The great thing about patched cat6 Ethernet cables is that they are backwards compatible with patched cat5 Ethernet variants.

If you have new systems, patched cat6 Ethernet cables will work exceptionally well. If you have older devices, there truly is no issue as they will still work superbly.

Where Are They Used?

Owing to their cost, and the cost difference between patched cat5 and cat6 Ethernet cables, most people will tend to use the former option. However, where you need reliability, high data transfer speeds, increased bandwidth and a very small signal-noise ratio, patched cat6 Ethernet cables are ideal.

They will cost you a little bit extra, but they are well worth it. After all, a good network infrastructure is an investment, not a purchase. This is the primary reason why you will see mainly patched cat6 Ethernet cables in big companies. Even small startup companies are starting to rely more on patched cat6 Ethernet cables.

With double the bandwidth of previous category cables, patched cat6 Ethernet cables are the choice of true professionals. With very little room for error, patched cat6 Ethernet cables prove to be a sound improvement, regardless of whether you are running a small or big business. If you are looking for a great home networking solution, patched cat6 Ethernet cables are the way to go. You will be able to get the most out of your network and internet connections in the long run.

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