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Digital Coax Cables

In spite of their misleading name, the digital coax cables are not exactly digital in nature. In fact, they are mostly utilized for transmitting video and audio signals. The signal transmission is done via pulses of electricity that are carried from one location to another, similarly to the signals broadcast from an electronic device to an antenna. The coaxial cables typically incorporate two conductors, one in the center and one close to the exterior, positioned to form concentric cylinders.


Between the conductors, the cables include a dielectric material for a more stable signal transmission. The wiring usually carries all audio channels available and it can be connected both in standard audio/video ports as well as a 5.1 surround sound system. In other words, you can safely employ them to connect devices such as game consoles, television sets or media recording devices.

They resemble RCA cables, but they are not the same thing Given the appearance of the digital coax cables, it is understandable why some people confuse them with their RCA counterparts at times. However, while the RCA cable transmits analog data, its cousin carries digital signals. A further noteworthy difference between the two is that the coaxial cable is considerably thicker because its center is made of a mix of copper, clad and steel or pure solid copper. In addition, this cable also features a non-conductive dielectric material that covers its surface and ensures less interference, better impendence and the ability to transmit a wide range of electric frequencies.

Optical digital versus coax digital

As their name suggests, the optical digital wiring or TOSLink cables employ light to carry the signal from one source to the other. Even though signal transmission via light will reduce external interference, it is important to note that their performance decreases significantly when they are twisted or bent. This is why most tech savvies only recommend the use of optical digital over the coaxial digital cables in environments bombarded with radio wave interference.

Picture of RCA Composite Video, Subwoofer S/PDIF Cable – Coax 100 Feet

Another potential situation when using the optical digital wiring makes sense is when you have to run a 10 feet+ cable outdoors. Therefore, if you're looking for wiring to connect two electronic devices indoors, rest assured then you'll be satisfied with the performance of the coax digital cable.

Shopping for digital coax cables

We want to point out that the digital coax cables you can find at integrate gold contacts. Granted, for regular audio cables, gold doesn't affect the quality of the signal in any way. On the other hand, for the coaxial cables the material actually improves the performance because gold is an excellent conductor of electricity. Not to mention that gold doesn't tarnish and it's renowned for its durability. In addition to gold contacts, here are other features to look for when shopping for digital coax cables:

Ideally, you should search for cables with 100% aluminum shielding, as this material eliminates RFI and EMI signal disturbances.
Solid copper conductors allow for a better quality connection.
A copper core combined with an aluminum shielding provide the best protection against interference.

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