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Connecting Your 3D TV with an HDMI Cable

In the past, 3D films have come to theaters in occasional waves, but recently 3D has come to the living room and the home theater for the first time in the form of 3D TV's. Finally there's a way to become fully immersed in a movie or TV show right from your own home.

black HDMI cable

While some 3D TVs can be set up using Ethernet or composite video cables, an HDMI cable is certainly your best bet for getting maximum picture quality out of the display on your 3D TV.

HDMI cables are simply the best when it comes to transferring uncompressed digital audio and video data from one device to another. Whether you're interested in viewing movies using an HD Blu Ray player, or you want to hook up a cable or satellite box to your 3D TV to watch 3D compatible programming, HDMI presents you with the highest quality results, showing you the picture at the highest possible resolution.

hdmi inputs

If you're looking to watch Blu Ray movies as well as cable or satellite programming, it would be advisable to get two HDMI cables in order to avoid having to switch out wiring on a regular basis. And don't worry, an HDMI cable is also capable of carrying non-HD channels so if there is other programming you want to watch on your 3D TV that isn't available in HD, you'll still be able to watch it in the highest resolution it in which it can be seen.

Like all technology, video display is constantly advancing and the quality is always getting better. Currently, the standard for an HDMI cable is is HDMI 1.4, which offers the absolute highest quality picture, maximizing the immersion you can feel while watching your 3D TV. When you have the latest in technology, you want to make sure that you're pushing it to its limit, and to get the best possible experience out of a 3D TV, an HDMI cable is a must.

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