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Component Video Cables 5

The best part about component video cables is that unlike other video cables it can run at any resolution. It is important to remember that just because the cables can work on any resolution it does not mean that you use any cable quality. It is important that the quality of the cable is kept as a priority when buying a cable.

Cables with low quality allow noise and distortion of all sorts through the cable and compromise the quality of video and the audio. IF you have a nice HDTV and want to connect video and audio devices to it, it is important the cable used for connection is not only of good quality but of the right length. If the cable is too short, it will not be able to connect the devices and if it is too long, it will jumble up behind the devices and make a mess.

What are Component?

VideoAudio 5 RCA Bundled Cables For HDTVComponents 3 Feet

Component Video 5 cables provide analog video signals that support all high definition video signals along with audio related to the video. With new video technology brimming about, component video cable 5’s popularity is on an increase.

Reproduction of a video signal on any display device is a fairly simple process. It is however complicated because of the use of many different devices used as video source. These devices include computers, DVD players and video game consoles and many more. Since video quality is to be maintained, devices use a common mode of transfer: component video cables.

Component video cables come together in a bundle like form where signals are separated according to components. Usually video signals are divided in three components: Y/Pb/Pr. The single analog signal is divided in three components to make the signal even clearer and increase the quality of the video. Each component wire has a RCA plug that is present at both ends and is used to connect the cable components to the input and output devices.

When it comes to component cables 5, they use the three components of video for video signals and combine them with two audio cables. All 5 wires combine together to give a better video and sound quality for any HDTV than it is possible by any other cable.


All component video cables are compatible with different digital and analog video and audio technologies. When it comes to digital video interface (DVI) cables, analog DVIs are the least compatible with component cables. Other compatibilities include: VGA, SCART and S-Video technology cables.

VideoAudio 5 RCA

There are other alternatives available for component video cables. These alternates include HDMI and DVI. HDMI cables have gained recent popularity due to their wide range of compatibility.


It does not matter what component cable you are using as long as it delivers the purpose and carries certain features that do not compromise on quality. Though it is popular belief that cable length affects audio and video quality, a good quality component cable 5 manufacturer will beg to differ. Length of the cable is only important to connect two devices. If the devices are kept at a distance than cable length can be increased; otherwise, the cable should not be lengthy. The cable will jumble up with other cables near the devices and cause a lot of inconvenience. Other things that are important for the quality of video and audio presented by component video 5 cables include: impedance, core conductor material and shield effectiveness.


Before you buy a component cable 5 check with the manufacturer for the amount of resistance the wires can hold. Cables with resistance of less than 75 ohms should not be considered. All manufacturers supply the range of impedance that the component cable holds. If the cable has a range which is close to 75 ohms, then the cable should be considered. It is important that the impedance is checked before the cable is bought as it affects the quality of the video and audio output of the cable.

Center Conductor Material

The ability of copper as the best conductor to carry current cannot be denied. Though it might not be as fast as silver to carry the current, it is still far more reliable and cheaper. Also, the gauge of the wire is also just the right size making it easy to connect devices. When copper is used as a conductor for component cables 5, it is safe to say that the audio and video signals that are carried will not suffer from any delays.

Shield Effectiveness

It does not matter what cable or wire you use, all wires and cables are subject to distortion if electrical noise is present. Electrical noise brings out the worst quality the cable can deliver. Electrical noise can enter the wire from any electrical source and can be as low as a soft hum or can be of high radio frequency. Since these electrical noises affect video and audio quality, it is important to protect the wires that are carrying these signals.

Shields are added around the wires to provide the audio and video signals with added protection and reduce or eliminate the chances of distortion from any electrical noise.

It is important to remember that a component video cable 5 will provide audio and video signals. Thought the length of the cable on the whole does not have any affects of signal quality and timing, there are some delays if each individual component is of different lengths. Even though the delay is almost negligible, it is important to keep all wires of the same length so that they can be used with different devices when there is need.

The 5 component video cable can easily connect to HDTVs, DVD players, DSS, VCR, TV and other such devices that produce audio and video output and have component cable connectors. The best part of owning a 5 component cable is that one set of wires provides you audio and video signals eliminating the need of buying individual wires for each and every component.

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