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Cmple Full-Motion Wall Mount TV Bracket: Solid And Versatile

One of the last things people think about once they’ve bought a beautiful new flat-screen TV is the reliability of the wall mount that will hold it. They’ve spent plenty of time learning all about OLED, 4K, 3D, HDMI and lots of other letter and number combinations before deciding on an HDTV, but are likely to just grab a mounting bracket off the shelf on their way out of the store.

We think that’s a huge mistake – and the people who’ve had expensive monitors crash to the floor, or those who’ve realized too late that they can’t see the TV from their viewing spot – would agree.


What’s required is a high-quality wall mount. We look for one which has been tested at well above the weight of your HDTV, is versatile enough to accept a wide range of weights and sizes, is flexible enough to tilt or swivel as needed and is easy to install. Those features provide peace of mind while improving the viewing experience. And Cmple’s full-motion wall mount TV bracket checks all the boxes.

The Details


This black Cmple wall mounting bracket is designed for TVs and monitors from 23” to 42” in size with a maximum weight of 44 pounds, more than enough for just about any HDTVs you can find in that size range. The Cmple mount has been tested with TVs weighing three times more; it’s not safe to exceed the 44 pound limit, but the testing ensures that a screen will stay on the mount for the long term without stressing the wall. The bracket is solid and extremely well-built, and can extend eight inches from the wall once it’s mounted allowing plenty of room for any cables you need to run. This is a very well-designed mount.


It’s great to hang a beautiful HDTV on the wall – but if you don’t have a good view of the screen from where you’re sitting, the best 4K TV in the world won’t give you the viewing experience you expect. The Cmple full-motion mount takes care of that issue by virtue of what’s in its name: full-motion. You can tilt the entire unit in an impressive 180° range, as many as 90° up or 90° down, so if you’re sitting on the floor instead of the couch (or if you’re in a second-floor loft, for that matter), you can easily adjust the screen for optimal viewing. Similarly, the mount will swivel in a full range so you can watch from a different side of the room or even adjacent rooms, and it’s extendable from the wall to allow different sizes of cables to fit comfortably behind it.


All hardware needed for installation is included with the bracket, along with instructions making it simple for one person to hang the mount by themselves. The universal plate that attaches to the television is VESA compliant, meaning it has standard mounting holes (75x75, 100x100, 200x100 and 200x200) which will fit any HDTV or monitor on the market. 


The Verdict

Easy to install, easy to hang any small-to-medium sized TV, solidly-built, completely flexible, able to fit into any décor – and strong enough that you have nothing to worry about once your television is on the wall. What more could you want from a wall-mount?

Oh right, the price. This solid and versatile Cmple wall mount, with all of its advantages, costs less than 15 bucks. That makes it even a better choice.

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