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Cat5e Bulk Cables

Even though there are other options, Category 5e cable is still the workhorse choice for every type of network installation. Cat5e is most commonly thought of as cabling designed for Ethernet networks, but it’s also used to carry video and telephone signals, as well as those transmitted on security networks.

When installing any of those networks, you’re certainly not going to buy individual cables to connect each component. You’re going to buy your wiring in bulk so you can have enough to complete the job, and can cut each individual cable to the proper length. That becomes even more important when you’re installing in-wall cabling and need flexibility in order to complete a long run. Bulk cable also allows you to attach the proper connectors on each end of each run (or make bare wire connections if they’re required).

Blue and gray ethernet Cat5e cables

Our Cmple Cat5e 1000-foot bulk cable is available with either bare copper or copper-clad aluminum (CCA) conductors, and with various ratings determining whether it’s suitable for in-wall or plenum installations. All of our bulk cable comes in easy-to-use boxes which are custom-designed specifically for the purpose, and in a huge variety of colors to match any design or décor. And, of course, all of our Category 5e cable is constructed to provide the ultimate in quality and longevity.

Here’s a closer look at these bulk cables, and what they can do.

Why Cat5e Cable?

Cat-5E Bulk Cable 350MHz UTP 24AWG Bare Copper CMR Rated 1000FT

Standards for Ethernet cabling were created by industry groups in the early 1990s. They specified requirements for what were called Category 3, Category 4 and Category 5 cables; the futuristic Cat5 standard would accommodate data rates up to 100MHz, and that was considered more than enough for any future improvements in technology. Those improvements came quickly, though, and Category 5 has been universally used for quite some time. It is suitable for most of today’s networking applications, including 10mbps Ethernet, fast Ethernet (100BASE-TX) and Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-TX) networks. (Category 6 cable is also now available to handle transfer as high as 10 gigs, but isn’t necessary for most applications. If you do need Cat6 cable, though, we sell that too.)

As Cat5 cabling became commonplace, the need for one major improvement became apparent: greater protection against interference. That’s the primary difference between Cat5 and newer Cat5e (the “e” stands for “enhanced”) cable; it greatly reduces the amount of crosstalk interference between the different signals carried on the connectors. It also helps reduce electromagnetic interference and other signal noise, all of which can lead to signal degradation. Cat5 cable is rarely used these days for new installations, having been supplanted by Cat5e.

Category 5e cable is nominally rated for data transfer at 100 MHz, but actually can handle speeds up to 350 MHz through four pairs of twisted wires which can carry four different signals at a time. It is also backward-compatible, meaning it can replace older Cat5 cable being used in an installation without causing problems.

Common uses for Cat5e cable include connections between servers, workstations and other network components, transmission of multiple signals in telephony systems, and even the full wiring of television studios. It’s fast, reliable and versatile.

Cmple Cat5e Bulk Cables

Cat-5E Bulk Cable 350MHz UTP 24AWG Bare Copper CMR Rated 1000FT Blue

Cmple offers three different types of bulk Category 5e cable, all with the high-quality construction you expect from us. They all meet and exceed the TIA/EIA 568 standards for Cat5e with four pairs of UTP (unshielded twisted pair) 24 gauge solid conductors, and all are rated for speeds up to 350 MHz.

Solid Cat5e bulk cable: this cable is designed for straightforward installations where sharp bends and turns in the cabling are not required. The color-coded 24AWG conductors are made from copper-clad aluminum (CCA), are fully shielded, and are wrapped in a sturdy PVC outer jacket to protect against the stress created by normal pushing and pulling of the cable.
Bare copper, CMR rated in-wall bulk cable: a step up from our Cmple solid Cat5e cable, this is 1000 feet of exceptional cabling. The 24AWG conductors are made from bare copper, a more expensive material than CCA but worth the price due to its strength and outstanding conductive properties; it won’t break as easily, will last longer, and will deliver better signal transfer than CCA cabling. This bulk cable is also fully-shielded and protected by a strong PVC outer jacket. It is also CMR rated, which means it can be safely run inside walls, ceilings and vertical shafts, and will pass all building inspections when used for those runs.
Bare copper, plenum rated bulk cable: this is the Cadillac of our Cmple 1000 foot bulk cable products. It also contains 24AWG pure copper conductors with full shielding, but has a plenum-rated jacket which is made of special flame-resistant material. If the jacket should happen to burn in a fire, much less smoke would be released and the smoke emitted would be far less toxic than the smoke from PVC jacketing. This cable is CMP rated for use in plenums and ducts without having to be protected by conduit – so it can be safely run virtually anywhere, for any type of Ethernet, phone, multimedia or security application you might have.
We design all of our Cmple Cat5e cables for maximum data transmission speed and integrity. You’ll experience minimal-to-zero data loss or degradation due to interference, crosstalk or construction short cuts. And the 1000 foot length of these bulk cables allows you to wire a normal-sized home or office for Internet or other purposes, with plenty of cabling left over to make whatever individual patch cables you need.

Even the packaging of our Cmple bulk cables is fully thought out and user-friendly. It comes in a specially-designed, reinforced box with a pull-through feature which prevents knots or kinks in the cabling as it’s pulled out, and leaves the remaining cable in perfect shape for its next use. The cable is also marked, by the foot, along its entire length for easy measuring.

You’ll discover, if you do comparison shopping, that Cmple’s Cat5e bulk cable is just about the least-expensive you can find. Even so, it’s the highest-quality cabling available – which is why so many commercial installers, Internet service providers and broadcast operations rely on it, particularly since there’s a level of Cmple bulk cable available for every type of installation.

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