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30AWG HDMI With Ethernet Cables

The greatest benefit of using HDMI cables to connect the devices in your home theater, media center or living room is the exceptional digital quality they can transfer. The fact that you can use a single HDMI cable to carry both video and audio signals, rather than having to use separate cables for each signal, is only a secondary benefit. But it’s a very important benefit to people who are sick of dealing with the confusing mass of wires that can quickly build up around an A/V installation.

The growing popularity of smart TVs and streaming devices which depend on Internet connectivity have created yet another need for more cables in the home entertainment environment. After all, even if a device is “Internet ready” that doesn’t mean it’s connected to the web once you plug it in. It still needs a working source of Internet connectivity.

High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet 30AWG - 15 Feet

Many people have wireless hubs which allow smart TVs or other devices to connect without cables. Many others don’t. In the latter case, their TVs, Blu-ray players, video game consoles, streaming media dongles and other devices have to be connected to wired hubs via Ethernet cables before they can access online content. That could mean a lot more cables.

Unless, that is, they take advantage of HDMI with Internet. This possibility has been available ever since HDMI standards were changed in 2009 to allow an “HEC” channel (not surprisingly, that stands for “HDMI Ethernet Channel”) inside HDMI cables. Modern “HDMI with Ethernet” cables would be able to carry video, audio and Ethernet signals all at the same time, in the same cable.

Not all HDMI cables have built-in Ethernet channels. When purchasing an HDMI cable from Cmple or anywhere else, you’ll have to be sure that the one you buy has Ethernet capability – and cables with the feature may cost you a few pennies more. But the convenience of having all necessary video, audio and Internet signals carried via a single cable, eliminating the need for extra wires and extra connections, is certainly worth a few pennies.

Once you connect all of the Internet-capable devices in your audio/video setup with these cables they’ll all be sharing the same IP, and will all have uninterrupted Internet connectivity whenever they need it. Your set-top box, dongle or Blu-ray player will have access to online streaming video, your video game system will be able to download new software or enable online gaming against others, and your Smart TV will be able to provide all of the cool Internet functions it’s designed for.

Cmple 30AWG HDMI with Ethernet Cables

AWG (American Wire Gauge) is the standard measure of cable thickness; the higher the number, the thinner the cable. So a 30AWG HDMI cable is much thinner than, for example, our Cmple 26AWG cables. That could be a drawback over long cable runs because thinner wires can carry less current and are capable of less bandwidth. For that reason, we don’t sell 30AWG HDMI with Internet cables that are longer than 15 feet; you’ll need thicker cables for greater distances. But for short connections between home theater devices these 30AWG cables are perfect.

High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet 30AWG - 15 Feet

A key fact about HDMI with Ethernet is that it doesn’t compromise the video or audio capabilities of the cable. It simply has an “extra” channel. That means our Cmple 30AWG HDMI with Ethernet cables perform up to the demanding standards of all of our HDMI cabling. They can deliver pristine, uncompressed video in all of the resolutions a modern home theater can display: standard definition 480i and 480p signals, high definition 720p, 1080i and 1080p signals, and even state-of-the-art Ultra HD 4K signals that represent the very best video an HDTV or monitor can display. They also support 3D over HDMI, no matter which 3D method your system supports. They support the very latest vivid and deep color display technologies added to HDMI standards, including Adobe RGB, Adobe YCC601 and sYCC601 color. And they support HDCP anti-privacy protocols as well, so there will be no issue when transferring encoded signals between your devices. In short, these cables can display any video, optimally and beautifully.

Audio transfer is just as perfect, as our Cmple HDMI with Ethernet cables feature the normal HDMI bi-directional audio return channel and are built to handle higher bitstream rates of the very latest surround-sound audio formats like DTS Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD. And with the built-in Ethernet channel which can transfer data in both directions at speeds up to 100 Mbps, you’re ready to enjoy the very finest in digital display whether you’re watching television, movies or streaming content or playing video games.

Cmple never cuts corners when designing and building any of our cables, and our 30AWG HDMI with Ethernet cables show the effect of our careful manufacturing process. The conductors are chosen for their ability to faithfully transfer signals over the length of the cable, they’re protected against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference by reinforced quad-layer braided and Mylar foil shielding, and they’re covered by a tough PVC outer jacket to ensure the integrity of the wiring inside. Our HDMI with Ethernet cables are built with molded strain relief so the everyday bending and tugging that cables often undergo won’t break any of the wires, and the connectors are all gold-plated to ensure high-quality connections while also protecting against corrosion which can occur over the long run.

At Cmple, nothing has been left to chance. These cables will perform at or above all rigorous HDMI standards, period.

Which Cmple Cable to Choose

We’ve already talked about the optimal lengths of HDMI with Ethernet cables, and how the thickness of a cable affects its performance. And we’ve mentioned that our 30AWG cables are only available in lengths which will guarantee proper performance. You can buy these Cmple cables in lengths of 3, 6, 10 or 15 feet; the right length will depend on the distance between the components you’ll be connecting.

Just one final note: all of our Cmple cables, including our HDMI with Ethernet cables, are among the most reasonably-priced you’ll find anywhere. Despite what the big box stores selling overpriced cables may tell you, price doesn’t equate to quality. You won’t find cables of better quality anywhere, even if they carry high prices and flowery descriptions in an effort to convince you they’re “better” in some way. Cmple offers the highest quality cables, at affordable prices.

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