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16 Gauge Speaker Wire

Picture of 16AWG Clear Jacket Compact Speaker Wire Cable – 300 Feet

The American Wire Gauge or AWG is a standard wiring system for specifying the diameters of solid and round conducting electrical wires. These wires are manufactured such that a specific cross sectional area allows a certain amount of current to pass through.

Cmple’s speaker wires range covers all types of gauge wires. Their products are of very high quality and the sound generated by them is enjoyed enormously by music fans. This can be verified by the fact that Cmple’s 16 gauge speaker wires are widely used in home theatre systems in which the performance of audio components must be beyond exceptional.

Cmple’s offers 16 gauge speaker wires of three different types: 16AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Speaker Cable, 16AWG CL2 Rated 4-Conductor Loud Speaker Cable and 16AWG Clear Jacket Compact Speaker Wire Cable. They are suitable for both in-wall and out-of-wall wiring applications.

Each type of product is available in specific lengths. The generalized lengths of 16AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Speaker Cable are 50 ft, 100 ft, 250 ft or 500 ft. The standard lengths for 16AWG Clear Jacket Compact Speaker Wire Cable are 50 ft, 100 ft and 300 ft.

Products with similar features are available in the other types of gauge wires as well such as 12 AWG speaker cable, 14 AWG speaker cables and 18 AWG speaker cables. A detailed description is given along with each product. Please browse the website so that you can compare prices and options.

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