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12 AWG Speaker Wires

Cmple features a large selection of 12 AWG speaker wires. The AWG format has been developed by the American Wire Gauge Association, which uses the AWG grade to determine the wire thickness. Thickness of speaker wires correlates with the wire’s rate of signal bypassing capacity. For example, 4 and 8 Ohm audio signals can both be handled by the 12 AWG wire. However, 4 Ohm signals require extended signal bypassing capacities.

Picture of 12AWG CL2-Rated Four-Conductor In-Wall Speaker Cable – 100 Feet

Common usage

12 AWG speaker wires are commonly used in large home theaters where the distance between signal sending and receiving devices averages between 30-60 feet. 12 AWG speaker wire thickness ensures seamless signal bypassing, allowing home owners and audio enthusiasts to enjoy quality audio sound.

How to choose the right speaker cable for your device

Choosing the right 12AWG cable for your home theater and professional audio set-up is important as a large number of owners end up purchasing overpriced cables. The only difference between off-brand and branded 12 AWG speaker wires is the price. Cmple’s 12AWG speaker wires offer the same quality of sound as overpriced branded products.


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