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FireWire 800 9-Pin To FireWire 400 4-Pin Bilingual Cable - 6 Feet Black

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Color: Black
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FireWire 800 9 Pin to FireWire 400 4 Pin Bilingual Cable – 6 Feet, Black

There are very few feelings more satisfying (at least, ones we can talk about on a G-rated website) than upgrading your old equipment with something brand-spanking-new, particularly if the replacement features new technology you’ve been drooling over.

If you owned a Mac Book Pro or other Apple product over the last decade, you likely had that exact feeling when you got a new computer equipped with FireWire 800 serial ports. The upgrade over FireWire 400 was a huge deal, because it let you double the speed of data transmission (from 400 Mbps to 800 Mbps) between your computer and external FireWire 800 devices like hard drives or camcorders, and still allowed you to connect to older FireWire 400 peripherals.

Today, FireWire is long gone – at least in the eyes of hardware developers, manufacturers and vendors who’ve replaced it with USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt. But you’re probably not a hardware developer, manufacturer or vendor. Lots of people are still using their older Macs, camcorders and other computers and devices with FireWire ports; if you’re one of them, the technology hasn’t “gone” anywhere. It’s still being used in your living room, office or family room, and you still need FireWire cables to connect your equipment.

At Cmple we’re not hardware developers either, so we don’t simply abandon older technologies to move on to new ones. We have cables for everyone – including all of you who still have FireWire devices. One of them is our FireWire 800 9-pin to FireWire 400 4-pin bilingual cable, which is perfect for connecting different generations of IEEE-1394 devices.

A 9-pin FireWire 800 port would most commonly be found on your computer, while a 4-pin FireWire 400 port would more likely be installed on your camcorder or other peripheral device. Our cable is called bilingual because it supports both of the FireWire “languages” (800 and 400), letting the two devices move data back and forth seamlessly even though they use different standards. The cable is rated to a maximum bandwidth of 800 Mbps and the speed of your data transfer is limited only by the speed of the slower device.

Our Cmple FireWire 800 to 400 cable is manufactured to our always-strict quality standards. We use triple shielding to protect the integrity of the twisted pair conductors inside; that’s optimal for perfect data transmission without crosstalk or interference causing signal loss. And the cable’s plug and play and hot swap compatibility means it can be plugged into or removed from ports without affecting the status of your devices.

This cable is available in two colors and several length as well.

3 feet,  6 feet,  10 feet,  15 feet

Black,  Clear

Looking more closely at the Cmple FireWire 800 9 pin to FireWire 400 4 pin bilingual cable:

  • Twisted pair construction and triple shielding, to reduce crosstalk and maximize speed
  • Rated up to 800 Mbps (limited by device/port speed)
  • Meets all FireWire and IEEE-1394b specifications
  • Molded construction
  • Connectors: one 9-pin IEEE-1394b male, one 4-pin IEEE-1394a male
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Hot swap compatible
  • Length: 6 Feet
  • Color: Black

Many outlets have stopped carrying cables that connect FireWire 400 and FireWire 800 devices – but we haven’t, because we don’t care if the “industry” considers a standard outdated. If you need a cable to connect your computer and camcorder, you need the cable. And we have it, not only at the lowest price you can find, but with the highest quality available anywhere.

Product Highlights

FireWire 800 9-Pin To FireWire 400 4-Pin Bilingual Cable - 6 Feet Black

UPC: 815239012881

Brand Cmple®
Length 6ft
Connectors FireWire 9/4 Pin
Color Black

Product Highlights

FireWire 800 9-Pin To FireWire 400 4-Pin Bilingual Cable - 6 Feet Black

UPC: 815239012881

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