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16AWG Clear Jacket Loud Speaker Wire Cable – 100 Feet

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16AWG Clear Jacket Loud Speaker Wire Cable – 100 Feet

The key to home design is making a statement. Just putting some furniture – or a TV, audio receiver and speakers – anywhere in the room is fine when you’re just starting out in life. After you’ve reached the point in your life when an attractive living space is important to you, though, every design element is important.

You probably had that in mind when choosing the furnishing and equipment for your home theater or audio listening room; you want the space to be as beautiful as the sound your equipment will be producting.

But have you given any thought to the cables?

It’s extremely jarring to the eye to see a carefully-planned, modern room with state-of-the-art electronic equipment – and then seeing everything connected with ugly, cheap zip cord running from the equipment to the speakers. And it’s also not necessary, when you can finish off the look of your home theater with our gorgeous 16AWG clear jacket Loud speaker wire cable. The gleaming copper conductors in their perfectly clear PVC jacket (which is built to withstand tugging, pushing and pulling) add a finishing, high-tech touch to the look of your installation, with a surprisingly low price tag.

Of course, the sound that comes out of the speakers is paramount, and you don’t have to compromise on audio quality with this Cmple clear jacket cable – in fact, you’re probably getting better quality than with any other product. That’s because we’ve specially designed this cabling with high-purity copper for low signal loss, enhanced dynamic range and particular emphasis on the low end of the spectrum. You get loud, clear and bold audio limited only by the quality of the components and speakers in your installation.

Don’t let the fact that this is 16-gauge cable fool you; there’s no need for thicker wires when you’re running the cabling just 50 or 100 feet. Even a devoted audiophile wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between 12AWG and 16AWG cables over that length. However, they would certainly be able to tell the difference between the audio quality of these Cmple cables and lesser ones.

No detail has gone unnoticed in constructing these cables. The conductors are clearly marked with stripes to make it easy to match polarities, the bare wires can easily be fitted to banana plugs or any other types of connectors required, and the 100-feet of cabling comes on a handy spool (covered with PE wrap for shipping) designed to prevent knots or kinks as the cable comes off. It’s truly an exceptional cable built with convenience, functionality and beauty in mind – not to mention the finest in digital audio signal reproduction.

This cable is available in several length and gauge as well.

50 feet,  100 feet,  300 feet

12 AWG,  14 AWG,  16 AWG

Key specs for the Cmple 16AWG Clear Jacket Loud Speaker Wire Cable:

  • Conduit: High Purity
  • Gauge: 16AWG
  • Length: 100 feet
  • PVC color: Clear
  • Designed and constructed for improved signal transfer and dynamic range
  • Polarity markers: Clear
  • Packaging: Rolled on Spool with PE wrap

Beauty and performance can go hand-in-hand. Our Cmple 16AWG clear jacket speaker wire cable will enhance the look of your home theater or living space, while giving you audio fidelity you thought could only be delivered by an expensive product from a “Giant” company sold at big box stores.

Product Highlights

16AWG Clear Jacket Loud Speaker Wire Cable – 100 Feet

UPC: 815239012720

Brand Cmple®
Type In-Wall
Length 100ft
Color Yellow
AWG (Gauge) 16
Rated CL2R
Jacket PVC
Conductors Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA)

Product Highlights

16AWG Clear Jacket Loud Speaker Wire Cable – 100 Feet

UPC: 815239012720

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